Horror with macabre children becomes a hit on Netflix

Tin & Tina. Netflix
Horror with macabre children becomes a hit on Netflix. Photo: Netflix

Recently, a new horror and suspense film appeared in Netflix’s top 10. We’re talking about Tin & Tina, which premiered on the streaming giant on Friday and is currently the third most-watched feature film on the platform.

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Directed and scripted by Rubin Stein, the film is an original Netflix production and consists of an adaptation of the short film of the same name, released in 2013. Bringing a story full of mysteries, along with macabre and terrifying children, the production has attracted a lot of attention since its premiere.

The film Tin & Tina is set in Spain in 1981 and follows the couple Lola (Milena Smit) and Adolfo (Jaime Lorente), who tragically lose a baby after Lola suffers from internal bleeding. Worse than that, the woman discovers that she has lost the ability to become pregnant, which leaves both her and her husband completely devastated.

A few months later, Adolfo convinces Lola to adopt a baby from a convent near the city where they live. Lola, still depressed, agrees with the proposal and ends up adopting the twins Tin and Tina.

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Soon the woman realizes that the siblings are very religious (much more than usual). Gradually, they start revealing obsessive and even violent behaviors, turning Lola’s life into a living hell.

In this sense, the questions that remain are: why are Tin and Tina this way? Is there something larger behind the children? Will Lola manage to save herself from the twins’ actions? Watch to find out!

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