Comédia sobre lagarto com a voz de Adam Sandler se torna o mais visto do Netflix. Foto e vídeo: Reprodução Instagram @netflix

Comedy about a lizard voiced by Adam Sandler becomes the most watched on Netflix

According to FlixPatrol, the movie Leo took the lead in the Netflix ranking and became the most viewed on the streaming platform.

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See over 30 photos with the model Bilegt Khulan, famous for her super long legs

The model in question, named Bilegt Khulan, lives in Moscow and has over 300,000 followers on Instagram where she posts several of her fashion shoots where her super long legs are the highlight.

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View over 20 photos of the famous decorator Desiree Busnelli

View over 20 photos of the famous Desiree Busnelli, an international reference in interior design.

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See over 20 photos of influencer and athlete Nadia Nolan

Every day, new tools are introduced to society and fundamentally integrated into the daily lives of various individuals around the world. With the rise in internet popularity, many professionals are in the process of adapting to social networks to enhance the success of their work within the digital realm.

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View over 20 photos of the beautiful Italian host Maria Arreghini

Maria Arreghini, born in Milan on November 28, 1998, is one of the ‘beauties’ of Italian television. Maria Arreghini, who has amassed thousands of followers on social media and recently entered the world of journalism – Adel Taarabt has already been interviewed by the Italian – publishes interviews on her YouTube channel.

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Marialuisa Jacobelli. Photo: Instagram @marialuisajacobelli_

See over 35 photos of host Marialuisa Jacobelli, considered a look-alike of Kim Kardashian

Host Marialuisa Jacobelli, who is considered a look-alike of Kim Kardashian, has wowed her fans on social media with her hosting skills for the Champions League.

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See over 25 photos of the beautiful police officer Alexa Narvaez

Alexa Narvaez became the center of attention for thousands of people in a recent game of América de Cali, where the Colombian team trounced Atlético Nacional 4 to…

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Jess Taras: She practices “au naturel” yoga and is quite popular on Instagram; see photos

Meet Jess Taras, this Yoga instructor, is rocking Instagram, practicing yoga… only in a slightly more relaxed manner than average + Check out the photoshoot of Suzy Cortez…

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Suzy Cortez. Photo: Instagram @suzyacortez

Check out the photoshoot of Suzy Cortez in tribute to Novak Djokovic.

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez starred in a daring photoshoot as a way to pay tribute to the talented Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, who, last Sunday, won the prestigious US OPEN for the fourth time.

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Check out over 30 photos of influencer Morgan Osman

Influencer Morgan Osman, who claimed to have dated Britney Spears‘ husband, Sam Ashgari, after their divorce announcement, has been under fire online after she was caught on camera…

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