Actress who played ‘Carrie’ dies of cancer at age 28

Samantha Weinstein. @samsationalw
Samantha Weinstein. @samsationalw

Canadian actress Samantha Weinstein, diagnosed with ovarian cancer two and a half years ago, passed away on May 14 at the age of 28, however, the news was only released to the press on Wednesday (24).

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Samantha was known for her role as Heather Shyres in the remake of “Carrie” (2013). The actress was admitted to a hospital in Toronto, Canada. After the cancer diagnosis, the actress decided to live more intensely and even traveled around the world, according to her father, David Weinstein.

To the international press, David praised his daughter. “Sam was, in fact, the living embodiment of a ray of sunshine. She was so full of positive energy that anyone who met her would say she simply lit up every room she entered,” he stated.

Jojo Tindall-Weinstein, the actress’s mother, also spoke about Samantha. “The thing that really struck me in the last week was that everyone I spoke to said she changed their lives,” she said.

See more photos of Samantha Weinstein, published on her Instagram profile:

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