Actress whose face was destroyed by drugs says she didn’t like her last plastic surgery

Danniella Westbrook. Photo: Instagram
Danniella Westbrook. Photo: Instagram

The 49-year-old actress, Danniella Westbrook, is devastated after undergoing plastic surgery. On social media, the English woman, who has rebuilt her face over the years after drug abuse like cocaine left her disfigured, spoke about the failed operation.

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Resurrecting a picture of herself from February, Westbrook wrote in the post: “Three months ago, I looked like this and I thought I was horrible. I would give the world to look like this again.” “I can’t believe what they did to me with this surgery,” Danniella added.

Danniella Westbrook. Photo: Instagram
Danniella Westbrook. Photo: Instagram

Although she did not show her face, Danniella, in an interview with ‘OK’ magazine, said that her disappointment with the surgery was not just about aesthetics.

According to the actress, she tried to rebuild her nose once again. After the procedure, however, she had fluid bumps under the skin and even temporarily lost vision in one eye.

According to ‘The Sun’ newspaper, the actress also noticed that she had a nasty bruise on her head after the surgery. “It was only when I was washing my hair that I realized that the stitches had come undone and I had an open wound,” she said.

“I literally had a hole on the side of my head. It was about an inch long. I could actually put my finger in the hole, which was horrible,” she concluded.

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