Zendaya talks about the controversial scene in her new movie: “my favorite sequence”

Zendaya talks about controversial scene in her new movie: 'my favorite sequence' Zendaya talks about controversial scene in her new movie: ‘my favorite sequence’ (YouTube / @JimmyKimmelLive)

Zendaya, from ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Euphoria’, commented on the intimate scene between her and two other actors in her new movie “Challengers,” which has been drawing attention.

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During an interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actress revealed that she enjoyed seeing her family’s reaction during the intimate scene at the movie premiere in Los Angeles.

Zendaya explained that being a co-producer allowed her to know exactly when the embarrassing moments would occur, and she amused herself watching her relatives’ uncomfortable reaction as the scene unfolded: “my favorite sequence,” she joked.

Although the intimate scene was hinted at in the trailer, sparking curiosity among many, Zendaya clarified during her interview that there are no explicit sex scenes in the movie.

The plot of “Challengers” revolves around a former tennis player, played by Zendaya, who becomes involved in a love triangle with two other players, Art and Patrick, played by Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, respectively.
triângulo amoroso com dois outros jogadores, Art e Patrick, interpretados por Josh O’Connor e Mike Faist, respectivamente.

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