Sharon Osbourne makes shocking revelation about husband, Ozzy Osbourne, on Celebrity Big Brother

Sharon Osbourne faz revelação chocante sobre o marido, Ozzy Osbourne, no Celebrity Big Brother
Sharon Osbourne shocks viewers with statement about her husband. Source: Reprodução/Instagram @sharonosbourne

Sharon Osbourne revealed shocking information about her husband Ozzy Osbourne during the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” on ITV.

TV presenter, Sharon Osbourne, revealed in Sunday’s episode (10) that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, “was high” throughout the entire series “The Osbournes”, which depicted the life of the couple and their two youngest children.

According to the Mirror portal, Sharon was talking with other housemates about the series when Lauren Simon, a cast member of “Real Housewives”, remarked that Sharon was “so funny”. She’s not the Sharon you see now”.

Lauren continued to talk about Ozzy’s relationship with Sharon: “He loved her so much”, she said. Then Sharon revealed that her husband “was never sober”. She also said he never watched the show and “doesn’t want to see it”.

Sharon also spoke about her relationship with her husband. In an Instagram video, she said she met him at 18 in the USA. “We’ve been together since then”.

The Celebrity Big Brother is aired on ITV and ITVX. Previous episodes are available on the streaming platform.

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