Netflix releases trailer for the final season of ‘Cobra Kai’

Netflix has just released the first trailer for the sixth and final season of ‘Cobra Kai‘, set to premiere on July 18.

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Netflix has shared the first trailer for the 6th season of ‘Cobra Kai‘ which promises plenty of drama, big returns, and of course, epic fights. Set to premiere on July 18, the final season of the series promises a lot of emotion.

According to the official description, the 6th season begins with Cobra Kai being eliminated from a competition, and the senseis and students deciding how they will compete in the Sekai Taikai, the world karate championship.


To get fans even more excited, at the end of the trailer, Daniel appears opening a box that was hidden by Mr. Miyagi and that apparently contains some secrets of his former master.

The 6th season of ‘Cobra Kai‘ will have a total of 15 episodes, which will be released in three parts of 5 episodes each. The first part in July, the second on November 28, and the third and final part not until 2025.

+Click here to watch the trailer for the final season of Cobra Kai


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