Man with 1000 children opens up about his descendants after new documentary

Man with 1000 children opens up about his offspring after new documentary

Man with 1000 children opens up about his offspring after new documentary (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

Jonathan Jacob Meijer, whose identity was exposed after donating sperm to various clinics around the world, has broken his silence about his more than 1000 children after a new documentary from Netflix.

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Titled The Man with 1000 Kids, the documentary addresses how Meijer was banned from donating sperm at Dutch clinics in 2017 and in 2023 lost a civil lawsuit claiming he “deliberately misled” recipients about the number of children he had.

One of the major issues raised in the documentary is the fear of incest, as hundreds of Meijer’s children could come into contact with each other without knowing they are biological siblings and may begin dating or even have children together.

Asked if he thought excessive sperm donation was unethical, Meijer responded, “Not at all. […] I’ve been a donor for 17 years and I think about it, of course, every day, and it would be a problem if the donor was completely anonymous because then the child would never have the option to find out.”

The documentary alleges that Meijer created fake profiles for sperm donation and concealed his identity for this purpose, which he denied. “I have never donated anonymously. I am opposed to it. I think it’s great that donors are open,” Meijer said.

Meijer refused to speak in the Netflix documentary and even called it “misguided.” The donor claims that when he was first contacted, he was told it would be a general documentary about sperm donors before it became a documentary exclusively focused on him.

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