Gladiator actor narrowly escapes venomous snake

Russel Crowe
Russel Crowe. Foto: Divulgação

Actor Russell Crowe posted a tweet recounting his narrow escape from a venomous snake during a nighttime stroll.

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The star, famous for his role as the protagonist in “Gladiator” (which earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor) and more recently for the film “The Pope’s Exorcist” in which he played the Vatican’s chief exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, shared that he noticed the snake’s highly conspicuous stripes, which made him realize the danger.

Gladiator actor narrowly escapes venomous snake

In the post, he laments leaving the house barefoot at night, stating that he broke one of his own rules.

The snake that startled the actor is extremely venomous. It is known as a Bandy Bandy, characterized by its black and white rings.

Bandy Bandy Snake

Cobra Bandy Bandy
Bandy Bandy Snake

The Bandy Bandy is a venomous snake found in certain regions of Australia. It belongs to the Elapidae family and its scientific name is Vermicella annulata. The Bandy Bandy snake has a cylindrical body, typically reaching around 50 centimeters in length, and displays a distinctive pattern of black and white rings along its body.
The Bandy Bandy is a nocturnal and terrestrial snake, often found in dense vegetation areas such as forests and marshes. It is known to burrow into the ground during the day and emerge at night to hunt its prey.

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