Famous for Her Hips, Influencer Campaigns for Larger Airplane Seats

Famous for her butt, influencer campaigns for larger airplane seats (Instagram / @graciebon)
Famous for her b…, influencer campaigns for larger airplane seats (Instagram / @graciebon)

The Instagram muse, Gracie Bon, is taking her campaign for larger airplane seats to accommodate larger-sized people seriously, including herself, who owns a very generous hip.

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Although her initiative began with a somewhat playful tone, she emphasizes the seriousness of the problem faced by many people who struggle to find comfort in commercial flights.

In an interview with TMZ, Gracie highlights that the issue goes beyond jokes and negative comments, advocating for a more sensitive approach from airlines to meet the needs of a variety of customers.

Moreover, she shares her personal experience, revealing the frustration of having to buy two seats or wait for a first-class flight, only to find that the accommodations are still inadequate for people with larger body sizes.

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