44-year-old Brazilian actress dazzles in bikini photos

Samara Felippo. Fotos: reprodução instagram @sfelippo
Samara Felippo. Photos: instagram @sfelippo

The actress Samara Felippo (44) did not hold back on her digital presence this Monday. In addition to humorously responding to comments about motherhood, the actress posted a series of breathtaking photos on Instagram.

In the post’s caption, Samara wrote:

“A free and fulfilled 40+ mother passing through your feed. Good morning, goddess. Have you told yourself today how hot and amazing you are?”

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In the snaps, she is seen wearing a black and red bikini set and posing for the camera.
“You’ve marked my generation since the time of Malhação and you’re still beautiful,” complimented one follower. “I see a big hottie,” wrote another. “Prettier than many young ones,” joked a third.

Check out the photos:

Photos: reproduction Instagram @sfelippo

Samara Felippo

Samara Felippo Santana, simply known as Samara Felippo, is a renowned Brazilian actress. Born on October 25, 1978, in São Paulo, Samara has made a significant name for herself in the Brazilian entertainment industry since her debut.
She gained prominence on television in the 1990s, participating in various programs of Rede Globo, the largest television channel in Brazil. The actress landed her first major role in 1998, playing the character Érica in the television series “Anjo Mau”. But it was in 1999, when she acted in “Malhação”, that Samara gained greater recognition, playing the character Érica Prado, one of the season’s protagonists.

Since then, Samara Felippo has participated in numerous soap operas and television series, including “Chocolate com Pimenta”, “Caminho das Índias”, “O Profeta”, and more recently, “Aruanas” and “Coisa Mais Linda”.

In addition to her career on television, Samara also stood out in theater and film. She has acted in various films, such as “A Partilha” and “Acampamento de Férias”.

Outside of acting, Samara Felippo is known for her feminist and activist stances, often using her social media platforms to discuss important social issues. She is also a mother of two daughters, Alícia and Lara, from her marriage to basketball player Leandrinho.

Samara Felippo is a talented actress who has left her mark on several successful productions in Brazil and continues to be active in the entertainment industry.

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